Whitton Murrami School

Whitton Public School is a small rural school with a population of about 30 students. It is situated between Leeton and Griffith in the Riverina. The core values of the school are: integrity, excellence, responsibility and respect. Each student is encouraged to reflect these values in his or her family and social life. The school is an integral part of the town’s fibre and receives strong, effective community support.We have a passionate committment towards student welfare, underpinned by an effective peer-support program. We balance our athletics and swimming sporting achievements with a whole-school choir and involvement with the Leeton community of schools ‘Shine’ performance. Our school focus areas for 2020 will be: healthy-eating, horticulture and individual student interest profiles. Staff members are committed to quality teaching and learning practices. Parents play a leading role in establishing links with the local community through their involvement with a number of learning

Whitton Murrami Public School

Contact: Deb Morden Principal

Melbergen Street Whitton