Serving as your trusty and reliable business partner, Preston’s Leeton specialises in transport services and delivering your goods to Leeton, Sydney, Melbourne, Griffith, Yenda and Hanwood.

Based in Leeton, our family-owned business has been supporting local businesses with exceptional transport services since all the way back in 1924. Old age hasn’t slowed us down, though! By continually investing in our people and technology, we ensure your needs can and always will be met, so try Preston’s Leeton now for expert transport services at highly competitive rates.

Here at Preston’s Leeton, we pride ourselves on delivering fast, efficient and affordable transport services. Our experienced staff appreciate that when you want to send something, you expect it to arrive in the same condition it left in, and the safety of your goods is always a top priority.

We specialise in:

General freight
Refrigerated transport
Delivery of parcels and large items

457 Teatree Avenue Leeton NSW 2705