Parkview School

Parkview Public School is set in a pleasant rural environment providing relevant, meaningful and high quality educational opportunities in all academic areas. We offer a variety of comprehensive educational programs that cater for students with a range of ability levels. We provide classroom programs that reflect all aspects of the curriculum together with individual educational programs for students with special needs. The core values of the school reflect our on going understanding of the ever-changing community and times we live in. Students are exposed to experiences that foster integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility, cooperation, participation, care, fairness and democracy. We give students opportunities and skills to develop creativity, healthy bodies, adventurous minds and social skills necessary to achieve future success, embracing and nurturing an understanding of the multi-cultural community we live in. In particular, we recognise the significance of the history and future of Aboriginal Australians. We also embrace the culture of migrants who have contributed to the establishment and maintenance of Leeton; sharing, learning, growing together.

Parkview Public School

Contact: Travis Irvin Principal

9 Park Avenue Leeton