Leeton Connect

To be a sustainable entity that successfully builds the capacity of Not-for-Profit organisations and charities within the Leeton Shire.
To facilitate opportunities for Leeton Shire Not-for-Profit organisations and charities to enhance their viability.
What we do:
Leeton Connect strengthens and connects Not-for-Profit organisations and charities within Leeton Shire.
How do we do it:
1. Create a central hub with a coordinator (a hub within a hub) for the Leeton Local Government Area (LGA) Not-For-Profits (NFPs).
2. Develop and maintain a Community Online Directory which includes community knowledge, skills and resources.
3. Identify community needs and coordinate workshops to strengthen all NFPs.
4. Create community engagement and networking opportunities for NFPs to allow for information exchange.
5. Coordinate training for local NFPs for leadership roles, governance, strategic planning, succession planning, grant writing, new communication mediums, volunteer recruitment and retention, social media, marketing and skills development.
6. Identify grant funding opportunities, distribute to relevant community groups, and then follow up with an offer of support.
7. Coordinate future-proofing training and workshops to learn new ways to attract sponsors, donors, corporate partners, and bequests.

Leeton Connect Inc.

Contact: Mary Errey - Coordinator

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Leeton Shire Library Corner Sycamore Street & Dooley Lane Leeton