Leeton Army Cadets

The Australian Army Cadets is a national youth development program that proudly shares the character and values of the Australian Army.

It is a partnership between the Australian Army and the community.

The Cadet Program is enabled and supported by Army, it is supervised by adult volunteers from the community, and cadets not only participate but also have opportunities to develop their abilities and lead their peers.

Australia Army Cadets seeks to build key attributes within youth by instilling a sense of:

  • Identity – cadets wear the uniform of the Australian Army, with cadet insignia
  • Purpose – cadets participate in community activities and assist and help develop junior cadets
  • Belonging – cadets organise and lead activities and, through their leadership group, have a strong voice in the development of the Program.

Cadets are not members of the Australian Defence Force and it is not used as a recruiting process for the Australian Army. Australian Army Cadets is a diverse organisation open to young people of all abilities provided a safe environment can be maintained. Part of youth development is providing challenging opportunities in a safe manner that also encourages fun and friendship.

Leeton Army Cadets

Contact: Tracey Bullivant Officer in Charge

49 Petersham Road Leeton